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As the best China Sourcing Agent & Company, we are providing you with high quality & profitable products through a worry-free sourcing experience.

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We get to know your product and find the best factory for manufacturing in China.


Secure Contract

We negotiate to win you the best contract.


Begin Manufacturing

Your handpicked factory manufactures your product while we provide quality assurance.


Control Inventory

Ship globally from China or through our warehouse in Nevada.

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Fulfill Orders

Quickly fulfill orders with your new process in place and access to fast shipping lanes.


Scale Your Success

With simplified sourcing & fulfillment and lower costs, unlock hidden growth for your business.

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We take product quality seriously. We check a higher percentage of products than third-party inspection companies for free. In addition, we’re the only sourcing company that offers a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0.

Helping clients get good prices is one of the main ways we help make them competitive. Many sourcing companies use low service fees to attract new clients but quote expensive product prices. We are transparent and encourage our clients to make product price comparisons to ensure they are always getting a competitive quote from us.


We take our clients seriously, even if their orders are small because we want a long-term relationship. Unlike other Chinese suppliers and sourcing agents, if you receive defective products, we will do our best to get you compensation and reduce your loss.

Our company has over 40 employees, and all of them have years of China sourcing experience for a wide range of products. Most other sourcing agents have teams of fewer than 10 people with expertise in fewer categories.


For large-scale or fast-growing companies, we can offer many extra services, including a team of up to 20 people, credit payment terms after receiving goods, and more.

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