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Four-layer combed cotton gauze towel quilt

Product Type: Four-layer combed cotton gauze towel quilt
Product Category: Towel Blanket Towel Quilt
Weight: more than 3000G
Pattern: geometric pattern
Product grade: first class
Blanket Type: Towel Blanket
Style: simple and modern
Color: Tai Chi, Tide-Yellow, Tide-Gray, Van Cleef-Yellow, Van Cleek-Gray, Midsummer, Twilight-Yellow, Twilight-Purple Gray, Monroe, Orange Grid, Flower Fairy, Louvre Museum
Dimensions: 150cmX200cm [single blanket], 200cmx230cm [double blanket]
Season: All seasons


Yiwujuntu is a sourcing agent with more than 10 years export experience.

Buyers come from more than 200 world-renowned companies from Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Eastern Europe, South America and other countries and regions.
Yiwu Juntu carefully selected trusty suppliers from China with high-quality manufacturing plants and are qualified with international certificates.

Product description

Four-layer combed cotton gauze towel quilt

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