For buyers, Chinese products have huge advantages. How to purchase Chinese products correctly, This is a sourcing guide for you.

Sourcing Guide

Transportation How to get to Yiwu

Yiwu’s transportation is very convenient. We recommend our foreign guests come to Yiwu by air, high-speed railway or drive. If you need, we can provide booking services for our clients upon requests.

By air:Yiwu Airport has a number of direct routes with the signature international airports includes Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and etc.

By railway :In case you would like to experience our high-speed trains to Yiwu, please see the following guide. For example, from Shanghai to Yiwu, you need to take subway Line 2 to reach at Hongqiao railway station ( terminal station) first, then buy a high-speed train ticket to Yiwu. The train departs from Shanghai every 5 to 10 minutes every day from 6:00 to 20:00, and it only takes 1.5 hours to the Yiwu market.

By drive :We can offer pick-up drive to Yiwu for our customers from Shanghai Airports upon requests.

Contact us by email Ella-luyunhuang@luyunhuangqq-com

Restaurants and Hotels in Yiwu

International cuisine is an essential part of Yiwu life. Brand hotels or luxury hotels are convinient to book, and foreigners can make reservations using passports. If you need any reservation or booking service, please feel free to contact with us. Ella Huang, Please see the following recommending restaurants and hotels.


1.Turkish Cuisine – BEYTI Restaurant

Address: #479 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu, China

Price: $$$ ¥150/$25 each person

Turkish Cuisine – BEYTI Restaurant

One of the most famous Turkish restaurants in Yiwu which just undertook an extensive renovation but kept its good reputation of authentic and attractive flavor. Lamb, beef and chicken BBQ kofte (meatball) are the must try. Turkish desert baklava fingers and pistachio served with vanilla ice cream and the rice cake are highly recommended as well.

2.Yiwu Chinese Cuisine – Ji Mao Huan Tang (Flagship Store)

Address: #276 Chouzhou West Road, Yiwu, China

Price: $$ ¥100/$20

iwu Chinese Cuisine – Ji Mao Huan Tang

Classic Chinese Yiwu local dishes with great and fresh food ingredients suitable for both foreigners and locals. You will find all Ji Mao Huan Tang stores are popular and get in line during the dining time. Liang Tou Wu (black pork meat with rice bread) and Cu Chao Ji (Spicy and Sour Chicken) are the signature dishes recommended.


1.Yiwu Marriott Hotel (5 star)


Address: No. 188, Futian road, Yiwu, Zhejiang,China

Price: $$$ ¥670/$100 Per Night

Yiwu Marriott Hotel (5 star)

Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel is a luxury business hotel located near the center of CBD and closed to the Yiwu Market for District 1,2 and 3. Also, the hotel is only a blocks away from the World EXPO Center. One of the most convenient but comfortable hotel to stay for your business trips.30 Minutes away from Yiwu Airport and Yiwu Railway Station, and around an hour away from the Hengdian Film and Television Base which is the world famous theme park.

2.Shangri-La Yiwu (5 star)

Address: No. 6 & 8, Futian Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang,China

Price: $$$ ¥670/$100 Per Night

Shangri-La Yiwu (5 star)

Shangri-La Yiwu is adjacent to Yiwu World Trade Center and Neo-glory which is one of the most popular local malls. Luxury hotel accommodated with all necessary and great facilities such as fine dining restaurant, bars, gyms, conference room and etc making it a great place for both business and leisure trips.Next to the Yiwu Trade Market, and you can actually oversee the entire District #1 from your hotel room. 30 minutes away from major transportation center – airport and railway station. About an hour away from the Hengdian Film and Television Base which is the world famous theme park.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets Brief Intro

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market (also known as China Small Commodity city or Yiwu International Market) is located at the center of Yiwu. Founded in 1982, with over twenty years of expansion, it now became a world famous wholesale business center attracting companies from all around the world. The market was greater than 2.6 million square meters with more than 50,000 stores and 200,000 staff including the store owners, sales, and others. Serving an average volume exceeds 200,000 everyday. For you to understand the huge scale of the Yiwu Market, we always use this explicit example for our customers or visitors. If you stops at each booth for 3 minutes, in order to visit every single store in the market, it will take at least one year to finish.

As international trade becomes more and more important, the Yiwu Market has kept expanding even today.

Yiwu market

*The business hours is 9:00 to 16:30 all year around from Monday to Sunday.

Yiwu International Trade Market

Yiwu International Trade Market or Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market gains its fame with its incredible manufacture ability especially in the industry of daily use articles such as fashion accessories, toys, furniture,pet supplies, home and garden decorates and etc. You can always find the latest design here in the market.There are five main districts in the market with different product categories.

District 1:

On the 1st  floor, you can find the plant stores including artificial plants, artificial turf, flower accessories, vases in all different sizes and materials and etc. And you will be able to source all kinds of toys on the first floor as well including the barbie dolls, fluffy toys, educational toys, electronic toys, puzzles, building blocks and more. Yiwu JunTu will help you out to source any specific type of toy.

On the 2nd floor, there are millions of accessories with unique designs waiting for you to choose. There are hair accessories like hair bands, clips, barrette, scarves, warps, combs and other pieces. Fashion accessories have the earrings, rings, necklaces made with all different types of materials from silver, gold, natural stone, natural or cultured pearls, to titanium steels and more. All these accessories have been sold to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe, North American countries, and most of our customers repeat the purchase periodically.

On the 3rd floor, we have hundreds of store selling the festival, ethnic, religious or special customized crafts especially like the Christmas goods. You can find the finely crafted decorates made in resin,ceramic,steel or other materials.

On the 4th floor, there are some special booths. For example, there is a section set for our Taiwan merchants and another one for our Shenzhen merchants aiming at the high end and customized crafts for our customers.

District 2:

On the 1st floor, you can find the luggage, bags, umbrella, and others.

On the 2nd floor, the stores have hardware products, tools, locks, and more.

On the 3rd floor, kitchen supplies, cookware, cups, mugs, and other household supplies are available.

 District 3:

On the 1st floor, office supplies such as pens,notebooks, folders, educational tools are all available.

On the 2nd floor, indoor or outdoor sports supplies are easy to find.

On the 3rd /4th floor, cosmetics, nails, and beauty tools are the most important theme.

On the 5th floor, art pieces especially our oil painting is the most import product category.

District 4:

On the 1st floor, textile especially the socks are the most popular products.

On the 2nd floor, fashion hats, gloves, ear-caps always update with the new designs.

On the 3rd floor, towels, ties, shoes, and many different garment accessories.

On the 4th floor, belts and bras are the most common products.

On the fifth floor, this is the centre for our visiting or traveling customers who look for the retail not wholesale goods.

 District 5:

From district 1 to district 4, most of the goods are made in China for export purpose. All of the goods in the district 5 is imported goods from all around the world, and numerous Chinese businessmen and businesswomen visit here to procure the goods to sell.

To browse the market online, you can check the official website below.

Yiwu World Trade City:

Yiwu JunTu:

If you need any help with souring or procurement for any specific product category, please feel free to contact with your professional sourcing agent Yiwu JunTu. We are here 24/7. You can contact with us through email,whatsapp,facebook and phone. Email:

Phone call or video call are highly recommended for a real-time on site tour with us in the market, and you will be able to see the products one by one. Looking forward to meet you in Yiwu.

Huangyuan Clothing Marketplace

Address: Intersection of Jiangbin middle avenue and Huangyuan avenue

Commencing Time: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Huangyuan clothing marketplace was formally opened in may also 2011, with a total creation region of more than 420,000 square meters. It has grow to be the most important expert clothing marketplace and Yiwu wholesale marketplace in relevant Zhejiang Province. It has innovated and improved in many elements to growth its market competitiveness. Compared with different old apparel markets within the past, it is greater present day and adopts a income version that combines wholesale and retail and optimizes product classes. On the same time, it has attracted many famous countrywide brands. Putting in place an exhibition corridor inner additionally provides many highlights to it.

Huangyuan apparel marketplace is placed as a professional clothing marketplace, which is in line with the improvement trend of market internationalization, branding, and diversification, that’s conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of the Yiwu garb marketplace and selling professional and huge-scale development. With a purpose to optimize the layout of the industry, improve the competitiveness, spotlight the benefits of scale, and spotlight the marketplace opportunities, the 1-5 floors of Huangyuan Garment marketplace are organized for guys’s clothing, leather-based apparel; women’s clothing; youngsters’s apparel; denims and trousers; pajamas, sweaters, sports wear, and shirts five enterprise classes.

Huangyuan marketplace has eight floors and it is located on the intersection of Huangyuan avenue and Jiangbin center street. Underneath the geographical advantage of Yiwu international alternate town, increasingly overseas businessmen have regularly begun to know approximately this market, and the marketplace export charge has expanded year by using year. At the same time, the non-stop improvement of Huangyuan’s apparel market has helped Yiwu to shape a apparel enterprise base. Yiwu’s industrial advantages complement each other and gain mutual blessings and win-win outcomes with foreign customers.

Yiwu Furniture Market

Yiwu Furniture Market

Deal with: No. 1779, Xicheng avenue, Yiwu town, Zhejiang Province

Commencing Time: eight:30am to five:00pm

Yiwu furnishings marketplace is located inside the west of Yiwu and is the most effective legit unique approved through the Yiwu Municipal authorities. It covers an area of about one hundred sixty,000 rectangular meters and has an funding of greater than 300 million RMB. It’s far presently the most important present day fixtures market in Zhejiang Province.

In this marketplace, whether you are retail or wholesale, whether you’re shopping low-grade, mid-grade, or excessive-grade merchandise, there is usually a appropriate booth within the marketplace to support you. The basement ground especially sells office furniture and wooden sofas at tremendously high-quality prices. The sofas, rattan art, and glass furniture on the first ground could be exceedingly higher and correspondingly extra high priced in phrases of material and rate.

The second one floor sells specifically contemporary model home decoration and children’s suites, the third ground is specifically european-style, classical, mahogany, and stable wood furniture, and the furniture at the fourth ground has the best satisfactory and the most highly-priced price; the 5th floor is for the enterprise vicinity and domestic development area.

Yiwu furniture marketplace has delivered the great commercial enterprise families in Yiwu Xinke road furniture market, Zhanqian avenue expert road, and Farmers’ city, and introduced 50%-60% of China’s first-line furniture brands.

International Production Material Market

International Production Material Market

Address: Chouzhou North Rd.

Beginning Time: eight:00am to five:00pm

On November 19, 2013, Yiwu global manufacturing substances market become formally opened. The full marketplace vicinity is about thirteen rectangular kilometers, with a creation area of 750,000 rectangular meters, with 5 floors above ground and one underground floor.

The main merchandise right here are innovative decorations, lamps, household appliances, artificial flora, leather, stitching machines, motel device, electronic equipment equipment, injection molding machines, ribbon looms, printing and packaging machines, plastic pellets, PEOP, etc. It’s also a center for lighting products and leather goods.

Construction Material Market

Deal with: No.199 of Xicheng street

Establishing Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Now it’s far the most important constructing materials market in Yiwu that sells metallic bars, plates, and hardware accessories. The marketplace has about 350 booths. The market especially gives aluminum, granite, ceramics, sanitary ware, stainless steel, plumbing pipes, glass, lamps, hardware, metallic, and different commodities. In view that its crowning glory in November 1994, it has advanced right into a distribution middle for architectural decoration materials and aluminum, stone, and ceramic merchandise in Zhejiang.

Zhezhong timber marketplace

Zhezhong timber marketplace

Address: No.266, Xicheng road

Beginning Time: eight:00am to 5:00pm

This marketplace is synonymous with the most important and highest grade of timber and related accessories.

It’s also the satisfactory region to source a huge variety of constructing substances, which includes wooden for floors and different infrastructure.

Specialized street

No longer all providers can own booths in those homes within the change town, so a few suppliers select to come to some streets to set up their shops. There are numerous such streets in Yiwu, i will simplest give a few examples: Wuai street, Meihu street; Intersection of Chengbei street, and Chouzhou North road; No.247, Chengzhong North road; near No.16, Zhaozhai avenue 2 and No.601, Chouzhou North street…

Even though the value of the sales space on road is lower than that of the sales space inside the constructing, you could have more surprises whilst you visit.

Yiwu’s expert road is a completely unique feature, as there aren’t enough stalls inside the marketplace for merchants to use, so people select to function outdoor the marketplace. As increasingly more enterprise owners pick out to achieve this, it regularly forms a specialized street for every product. Now it has turn out to be an essential a part of Yiwu’s commercial business.

Digital market

Digital market

Cope with: No.238, Binwang avenue

Opening Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

The digital market in Yiwu is the most important area for sourcing cellular phones, computer systems, LEDs, and a selection of tech equipment.

In maximum instances, organizations within the digital marketplace tend to attention on retail for person utilization as opposed to a wholesale enterprise.

Yiwu stock market

Stock are the ones which have been synthetic through the manufacturing unit in extra quantities than ordered and are of the identical excellent but at a higher charge.

If you come to Yiwu to buy goods, don’t neglect to visit the inventory marketplace, that is positioned at the junction of Jiangdong middle street and Binwang street in Wu’ai metropolis. This will be regarded as an business chain hidden at the back of the huge trading in Yiwu.

Yiwu night market

Yiwu’s night marketplace is likewise a main characteristic, with a remarkable array of small commodities, in addition to many delicious area of expertise snacks. Additionally it is open from 6pm to 3am.

Most of them do no longer have legal commercial enterprise licenses, so additionally they sell imitations of some well-known brands. But be sure to haggle while shopping at night markets, as all the carriers are providing expenses that aren’t always their satisfactory deals. In fact, after haggling, you could get items for far less than their original offer.

The Best Time to go to Yiwu market

Yiwu market is like a big-scale exhibition that is open all year spherical. There are no weekends. During the Spring festival, it’ll be closed for approximately 1/2 a month, and at other times, it is going to be open all yr spherical.

Opens at 8:00 inside the morning and closes at 17:00 within the afternoon.

If you visit the marketplace, it’s far encouraged to reach at 9:00 in wintry weather, and 8:30 in different seasons. It’s far too early to go, and lots of shops are not open.

Each year all through the Spring and Autumn Canton honest, many overseas pals will choose to fly from Guangzhou to the Yiwu marketplace to buy products. After the Hong Kong gift truthful every year, many visitors will visit, and there are numerous overseas visitors inside the market at some point of this time.

Important Things You Must Know About Yiwu Wholesale Market

Does Yiwu Only Make Small Commodities?

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale marketplace began with small commodities, however after many years of development, Yiwu Small Commodity marketplace has covered nearly all industries and merchandise. Professionals say that if you can’t discover goods in Yiwu Small Commodity market, different markets do no longer. Go; if you can’t discover items in other wholesale markets, visit Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale marketplace. Inside the beyond, maximum of the primary merchandise in the Yiwu market were low-grade and reasonably-priced products. In the beyond ten years, the Yiwu market has been insisting on guiding organizations to take the street of quality, and actively encouraging and helping firms to take the road of branding. Yiwu marketplace has gotten rid of the hat of terrible high-quality. Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale market is an early name, it changed into known as Yiwu Small Commodity city before everything, then it become called Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale marketplace, and later it was known as Yiwu international exchange city, which is the modern-day call. The name change is a microcosm of Yiwu’s development records. Founded in 1982, Yiwu marketplace is one of the earliest professional wholesale markets installed in my usa.

Why is the Price of Yiwu Market so Cheap?

Due to the fact all and sundry right here only does wholesale, not retail, every body relies on big quantities to acquire orders, and a lot of them are shipped through the entire cabinet. Within the beyond ten years, because of the improvement of e-commerce in Yiwu, a few factories and cubicles are also offering e-commerce and providing offerings in small batches.

What is the Difference Between Yiwu and Other Chinese Cities?

As an worldwide alternate metropolis, Yiwu has numerous overseas population. Due to the big quantity of foreigners who come to do enterprise, there aren’t a few folks who come to Yiwu for commercial enterprise cooperation, so maximum of the time Yiwu is a bustling and busy metropolis.

To put it actually, China’s small commodity market is the gene of Yiwu metropolis. What distinguishes Yiwu from other huge towns is that it’s far each “civilized” and “global”. The robust commercial surroundings and energetic environment are the charms of Yiwu. While you come, you don’t want to depart.

When it comes to Yiwu, human beings normally don’t speak about its international and domestic label definition but split up their impressions, including: first, Yiwu has greater commodities and greater goods; 2d, there are more foreigners and extra foreign alternate organizations; third, the logistics are advanced, the freight is cheap, and the transport is guaranteed.

Are the Yiwu market cubicles All Factories?

Yiwu market contains heaps of providers and sells products to customers all around the international. Suppliers constitute factories from throughout China, and despite the fact that many are placed close to Yiwu, Zhejiang, many will be given custom orders for particular products in addition to the various merchandise they already manufacture. There are factories in the back of each booth, however some cubicles are middlemen instead of direct factories, but all of them have plentiful deliver channels.

How to Deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

Many importers think it’s far difficult to address suppliers. Especially whilst coping with chinese suppliers. Negotiating with suppliers is one of the fine approaches to lessen fees, so that you can get lower fees, decrease expenses, and gain better income. However, communication capabilities with providers are the important thing to attaining cooperation with providers. Those provider negotiation techniques will assist shops apprehend how to make the maximum in their dealer relationships and achieve long-term cooperation.

Pick out a vendor That Sells strong point categories

Some stall companies in Yiwu market promote a mix of various classes of merchandise, whilst others simplest promote a unmarried class. If you’re searching out a professional provider, choose a sales space that sells a single class.

Cubicles that promote distinct categories of merchandise can quote you on many exceptional types of products. Such providers are extra acquainted with a wide sort of merchandise and usually have many cooperative factories. However, as compared to providers who simplest promote one kind, they promote greater The dealer of this product isn’t always so professional.

Make certain to check the Product first-rate

When you’re geared up to make bulk purchases from Yiwu marketplace providers, it’s first-class to make sure that the majority products also are produced inside the equal and high pleasant because the sample merchandise.

Our warehouse is equipped with some of professional inspectors, who will look at the goods from numerous dimensions consisting of colour, size, and weight to verify that customers can get hold of first-class products.

Tips for Negotiating prices with suppliers

Before meeting with suppliers, you ought to understand the market price of the product online. It’s miles the prerequisite if you want to negotiate the price with the supplier.

Earlier than discussing the fee, it’s far high-quality to apprehend the authority of the alternative birthday celebration. Usually talking, fee negotiation can have degree requirements, however to successfully whole the price negotiation and shorten the fee negotiation method, try to negotiate directly with the person in fee of the alternative birthday celebration.

Don’t always awareness on the fee while negotiating, due to the fact negotiating expenses places you at a disadvantage. You want negotiation competencies, together with our employer’s later scale, many initiatives, and large transaction quantity. You need to explicit the concept of pursuing long-term cooperation and win-win cooperation, which offers the dealer the hope of long-time period benefits. On this manner, providers may be happy to cooperate with low volumes or costs.

How to Ship Products from Yiwu Market to your Country?

Yiwu is a city with very evolved logistics and transportation networks. You can select to deliver on your us of a in many ways. In preferred, there’s explicit transport, air transportation, and shipping.

Explicit delivery

It is the quickest transport of home or cross-border goods, and plenty of e-commerce customers prefer this logistics mode because the goods can be delivered for your deal with within 5-7 days from the date of purchase. Even though the fastest, it’s additionally the maximum steeply-priced, and we propose this technique for shipping small, lightweight valuables like watches, add-ons, or electronics.


Air transportation and sea transportation are the modern mainstream picks, but there are massive differences among the 2 techniques, consisting of timeliness, offerings, price lists, customs clearance methods, and so on. Below, we can introduce the unique variations between the 2 techniques in detail.

1) Delivery Approach

There may be a big difference between international air freight and global sea freight. Global air delivery is based totally at the airline’s aviation aircraft as a means of transportation, and the operation mode is from airport to airport. Global transport, alternatively, makes use of the ships of transport corporations as approach of transportation, and the mode of operation is port-to-port.

2) transport concern

The primary bodies of worldwide air transport are main airways and logistics corporations, consisting of Air Canada, American airways, British airlines, and many others. The products are transported to the certain locations through those international air transports; the principle our bodies of worldwide delivery are the foremost transport organizations. , along with Maersk, Evergreen, and so on., the products are added to the particular vacation spot thru those delivery organizations.

3) Logistics Timeliness

Due to the distinction inside the manner of transportation among the two, there are extraordinary variations inside the logistics timeliness while they come in the equal united states. Worldwide air transport makes use of aircraft, which is fast, even as global delivery uses ships, that is sluggish. As an instance, for the usa special line, it takes three-5 days to choose international air transportation below everyday instances, even as it takes 30-35 days for international delivery, and on occasion it’s going to take longer.

4) Logistics charges

There is also a huge difference between international air freight and worldwide sea freight. Even though air freight is speedy in logistics, the transportation fee is high, so the tariff is surprisingly highly-priced. Worldwide delivery, on the other hand, has low transportation expenses and sturdy wearing capacity, so price lists are exceptionally low.

5) Inspection method

International transport on occasion has to choose up and unpack boxes, that is time-eating and costly; inspection prices can be incurred, and there will also be loading and unloading fees, trailer fees, and so on.; even as global air transportation is inspected, the principle of “inspect first after which input the warehouse” is carried out, that’s speedy and rapid. Normally, there is no inspection fee.

6) Customs Clearance approach

Although there isn’t tons distinction inside the customs clearance process between international air freight and global sea freight, there is a big distinction within the time restrict for customs clearance. International air freight clearance is usually finished inside 1-2 days, while worldwide delivery takes about three-4 days. Further, in terms of miscellaneous prices, statement files, and many others., worldwide air freight is much less than sea freight. As an instance, when exporting to the us, sea freight desires to declare AMS (American Anti-Terrorism manifest system), however air freight does no longer.

Rail transport

Choosing to use rail transport will lessen your fees and prevent numerous time; however, you’ll need to use the rail from Yiwu to Madrid. It goes via international locations like Russia, Poland, Germany, and France, so if you’re from any of those countries, you can cut expenses by way of rail.

End: every transport method has benefits and disadvantages. But, it depends on your object, how an awful lot you want to spend, and how long it takes to deliver. Whichever technique you choose, be sure to check with your supplier and delivery corporation to ensure your cargo is in true condition and secure to ship.

What Can Yiwu Sourcing Agents Do for Me?

Yiwu Juntu Trade Co., Ltd is a professional international trade company founded in Yiwu, China. In the last one decade, we have served more than hundreds of customers from Europe, North America, and the Middle East importing all different types of goods.Since we are based in Yiwu, the world’s largest small commodities market, we are able to source you the original factories of all the popular and quality commodities.



when you come to Yiwu, you will be surprised through its huge Yiwu global alternate marketplace. Yiwu global marketplace sells almost all styles of small commodities, developing a global market for customers from all around the world. In this text, we added the pinnacle 10 wholesale markets in Yiwu wherein you could find the most complete classes of products at the best charge. Eventually, if you are going to go to the main markets in Yiwu, don’t forget to prepare everything, which includes hotel alternatives, tour routes, and price strategies. Desire you could get a variety of what you want in Yiwu marketplace!

TransportationHow to Choose the best way of shipping from China?


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