If you are running a business which sells seasonal products like winter clothing shops either for e-commerce or local store, you should get prepared for the coming winter in advance to know what to sell and get them in stock.


Unlike the past winters, most European countries would have to face severe electricity shortage this coming winter due to the tension with Russia who has kept shutting down the natural gas that was used to generate electricity for Europe starting from late fall. However, ever since the sanctions against Russia was proposed in the early 2022 due to the Russia-Ukraine War, Russia was taking the energy as revenge to cut down power transporting to Europe. With the supply in short ends with record high power bill. And there is no sign of ceasing from both sides. The power shortage with cold weather would definite increase consumers’ demand for some winter essentials. And we need to know what to sell them.

When to buy and ship?

If the cold winter and lack of power is inevitable, then what can we do to be prepared for our businesses to sell big this winter? The answer is obvious, getting the products what are essentials for winter from the beginning of the autumn or August to prevent traffic jam and goods detained on the way of freight. Without any doubt, the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Eve and Chinese New Year all require a high amount of products shipping every year. And the stocks are generally ship out starting from the late August to October to ensure everything is in stock and ready for sell. If you would like to get your essentials right for sale and not detained by the freight, the best solution is to get your first order in August or September and placing more orders evenly in the following months as Replenishment.

What to sell for clothing?

winter clothes
  1. Winter Pajamas made with the thick and fluffy materials for warmth and comfortable wear at home.
  2. Thermal Underwear Set that is first popular among Asians especially for Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Now the thermal underwear set has become essentials for some cold countries or people like to ski as well.
  3. Down jackets are the number one choice for outdoor in winter, but don’t forget you can sell all different types of down jackets like the light and heavy ones, or short and long ones.
  4. Warm Paste/ Hot Pack is a very popular product among Asians which can generate heat within one minute after you open up the package. Hot pack or warm paste comes with stickers on the back that you can use to stick it on your backs, arms or legs for long-time heating. *However, never stick it directly on your skin to prevent burn.
  5. Thick Socks are something a lot of people forget to pay attention yet very popular to sell during the winter for both local shops and e-commerce for drop-shipping.
  6. Winter hats are popular as well as the balaclava that are must have for ski lovers.
  7. Waterproof clothing would be something the a few merchants remember to pay attention to, but this is winter essential for snowing weathers.

What to sell for sports and hobby equipment?

Except for the ice or snow sports equipment, indoor sports equipment is also recommended to sell during the winter since a lot of cities and regions would be locked down due to storms, and selling and marketing indoor sports equipment in advance would be a great idea.

What to sell for kids?

Contacting with us to know more about popular and trendy toys that are made for winter and get a great quote like all different sizes of plush toys with famous IP or original designs. Other products like down jackets, thick socks and holiday toys are all great ideas to sell for kids or children.

What to sell for pets?

Just like the warm clothing for adults and kids, thick and holiday costumes are big to sell for pets as well. Big, fluffy and cute pet beds are very good products to sell during the winter as well since the pet beds need to be replaced periodically. But be very careful with the quality from too cheap products, for they would not be usable or sell.

Let us know if you find this article inspired or helping for you to know what to sell for winter 2022, and you can also leave us a comment if you have something to say or add.

If you are running the businesses selling items from the above, we highly recommend you to add them to your shopping list and have them with enough stock to sell this winter. If you have any question regarding to the sourcing, please feel free to contact with Juntu through phone, email or visiting our office. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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