With the rapid development of international online businesses, sourcing suppliers now have become much easier than years ago, especially when there are giant platforms like Alibaba where you can find thousands of related suppliers. However, why are the trade companies still an unreplaceable player in the international trade?

What is a trade company?

Trade Company

By definition, a trade company is like an agent who connects between the buyer and the merchant. While a trade company seems unnecessary for the customers domestically, they are still playing a very essential role in the international trade for both buyers and merchants especially for B2B (Business-to-business). Then what a trade company can do as an agent? Why would a buyer need the trade company when they can find the suppliers online? And why would the merchant would work with the trade company?

Why to choose a trade company?

  • One stop service. As a professional import business, most buyers require more than one specific type of product, and there are often many detailed and specific requirements listed along. All the requirements would not be fulfilled by a single supplier, yet the trade company who functions as the agent could source you all the products types that satisfied your demand. For example, if you are running a local gift shop, you would probably need to source balloons, gift boxes, event decorations, souvenirs and etc. Of course, you could not get these products from one single factory, yet the experienced trade companies who have great connections with the local manufactures can give you the price all at once to save your time for sourcing.
  • Customer service first. If you are a start-up business who do not want to detain a large stock but prefer some light customization on your products, there is hardly any supplier or manufacture who would accept a small customization order. However, the trade companies who have good relationships with the manufactures are able to place such small orders due to the past partnership.
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  • No language barrier. Even though English is the most popular language for international trade today, there are still tons of qualified and excellent suppliers who are unable to provide the perfect services due to lack of language capability. Moreover, although some suppliers could understand the basic English, they are lack of the culture understanding, so they can hardly satisfy the customers demand comprehensively. In such cases, the trade companies who are experienced and competent at English are becoming incomparable. A good trade company should be able to help communicating between the buyers and suppliers to eliminate any problem like language misunderstanding.
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  • Standardization and payment security. Following the standard operating procedure (SOP), an experienced trade company is much more familiar with the procedure of international trade from the begging of procurement to the end of products delivery. You can check out our service page for a detailed look of our standardization procedure. As for the payment, working with the trade company is like setting a firewall to prevent payment loss with the undesirable suppliers. And the trade companies are more likely to accept various payment terms and methods than the suppliers to provide more convenient and secured services for the buyers.
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International trade is more popular than ever before, but choosing the right partner to work with is definitely your first step toward success. To make your import and export business easier, choosing a good trade company to cooperate is definitely your best choice. But, always remember to be alert and do decent background research before making any decision to avoid any possible losing. Building a successful and long-term business nowadays is certainly a difficulty particularly under such a poor global economy condition. Therefore, as a buyer you need to find the reliable partner to ensure your stable development on the business.

Whether you are a start-up business looking for the wholesale finished products, or you are a successful company looking for new customized products, for you all are welcome to contact with Juntu for free consultation. As an experienced and expert trade company, our commitment and ultimate goal is to contribute to our partners’ successful businesses.

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