Fashion industry has always been playing a big role in the modern economy especially the women clothing. However, as the feminist takes dominant in the trend, dressing up becomes more about pleasing women themselves rather than the men. Follows up with the raising of a previous untapped market – women’s underwear, which is called the last piece of fashion industry. According to the market survey, in 2022, women’s underwear market could expand to 143.6 billion dollars. And if would like to be part of the game and build your own underwear brand, importing from China would be a great strategy.

How to find the right underwear manufacture

1.Seamless underwear manufacture

Women are now in pursuit of comfort underwear. Compared to the traditional bras, sports bras made in seamless are now becomes more and more popular. Moreover, the seamless bras normally comes with better fabrics and simple designs. And there is a wide range of price you could choose from for your own underwear brand.

2.Traditional underwear manufacture

In contrast, even though the traditional bras are not made in seamless, doesn’t mean it has no advantage. If you are looking for complicated and fancy designs, seamless might not be able to satisfy you at this point. However, if you are looking for more affordable and classic underwear, the traditional underwear manufacture would provide you with really good quote than the seamless ones.

Quote with your designs

After picking which type of manufactures you would like to work with, you can contact with the suppliers and send your designs and requirements including fabrics/sizes/patterns and etc. Kindly Asking the manufacture to quote you the price based on the amount you wish to purchase.

If you have already gotten the sample on hand, you could send it to the supplier and ask them to produce the exact same products or make changes you wanted. In this way, the supplier is more likely to produce the underwear you like.

Sample Production

If you are satisfied with the quote, you can start the order with a sample production before the bulk to be produced. Of course, the sample underwear is not for free, and the sample cost ranges between 60 to 100 USD in general. But a sample order is always highly recommended to examinate a supplier’s capability.

Please be reminded, a sample production could take around one or two weeks depending on the underwear design’s complicity and specifications. And we highly recommend you to be as careful as you can about the sample, so there will only be little changes or even no change needed to be made later.

Sample confirmed and place the order

Congrats for getting the right supplier who can produce the sample underwear you like. But here are some important factors to be confirmed before the final payment.

  • Sizes

Different countries have different size charts, and the sizes are the most considering factor for women underwear. You could provide the size chart you prefer or verify the size measurements that supplier provides.

  • Amount

Making sure the amount you would like to order for each size.

  • Accessories or pattern

If you have more than one design in the order, please double check with the supplier about the accessories or pattern for each underwear design.

  • Color deviation

In order to prevent color difference, we suggest our customers to use the color books such as Pantone to match the color you would like to use.

Bulk Production

As soon as you confirm the sample order, you can notify the supplier to arrange the bulk production for you (which means the rest of the order). The lead time or the production period depends on the amount your order, but you can also negotiate with the supplier and list out the time on the contract before production.

Quality check and delivery

Quality check is the last step before ship out. As a buyer, you need to check all the important details with the supplier before making the final payment including the amount/designs/quality and etc. Taking pictures and video with quality check is more desirable, or you can also contact with your agent to double check this order.

Building up a underwear brand is definitely challenging with a lot of unexpected problems, but you can always contact with Juntu to help you along the way. We are the bridge between you and the underwear manufacture, for we can get all your requirements to be met. Please feel free to contact with us about your import inquiry, and we wish to contribute to your business success.

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