Pandemic influence shows no sign of ceasing, and the global supply chain are facing more unexpected challenges like shanghai lock-down, Ukraine-Russia War, US-China economic sanctions and more. As business owners, are you ready for this inevitable crisis?

United States

Supply chain crisis has created unsolvable difficulties for the low earning communities. Some essential groceries including baby formula, tissues, and menstrual hygiene products are always to be found empty shelf in the local Target or CVS.

Supply chain crisis

Even worse, compared to the last year 2021, the consumer price index CPI ballooned to 8.6% in May. “the highest increase since December 1981. Core inflation excluding food and energy rose 6% ” according Jeff Cox from CNBC . While the cost of life keeps increasing, the actual wage does not match up. In fact, the real hourly wage went down. Not only the necessities are in shortage, but the prices increase at the same time making the government subsides little to help the situation.

Europe and British


Situation is no difference in Europe and UK, all countries are experiencing different levels of inflation and supply chain shortages. The Bank of England even warned the inflation rate might reach to 10% from BBC . Different from United States, for UK and European countries, another big household cost has increased rapidly which is energy bills. Energy bills which strongly affected by the Ukraine-Russia War went nearly doubled.


Compared to Turkey, the inflation seems comparably bearable for the Americans and Europeans since the annual inflation rate in Turkey might go up to 70% . However, except the effects of the wars and supply chain shortage worldwide, Turkish inflation might also be a result of the failure monetary policy by cutting the interest.

Get Prepared

Supply Chain Shortage and inflation are now worldwide problems. For the businesses who rely heavily on import the products or commodities, order the production in prior to save and allow enough time for possible freight jam are the most sincere advice for our customers. For these stock products will definitely help your businesses during the hard period of inflation and short of supply. 

products mading china

If you are looking for affordable and good quality wholesale products from China during this special period of time, Juntu will be available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and source all the products you want. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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