If you are a business owner or international trade company manager who is planning a business trip to China, please take a close look of this latest news of China Covid-19 policy before departure to be saved from unexpected trouble.

China Covid-19 Entry Policy

Quarantine Information

The most concerned question about Covid-19 entry policy is definitely the quarantine requirements, and the update entry policy shows no sign of ceasing the restriction. The quarantine is required before departure and after arrival in China. Before departure, a self-quarantine for at least 2 WEEKS or 14 DAYS are requested along with the daily temperature and health condition record. If there is any symptoms developed such as fever, cough, diarrhea during the self-quarantine, then you need to take a nucleic acid test as soon as possible. If the test result is negative, then you would need to re-start the 2 weeks self-quarantine until all symptoms disappeared. *Please make sure you do not have any close contact with the Covid-19 confirmed person, or the self-quarantine will be invalid.

After landed in China, a collective self-quarantine is mandatory for all citizens (including Chinese citizens) at least 14 DAYS at a government-approved facility or hotel with your own expense. In the facility or hotel, you will be assigned with your independent bedroom and restroom, but the living and food expenses would be varied depending on the site. According to Shanghai local news, you can choose the basic standard with 200 RMB/Day (30 USD/Day), or the better standard with 400 RMB/Day (60 USD/Day). *Please confirm with your local receptionist for more accurate details.

Despite the quarantine expense, the most annoying or exhausting thing would be the time consumed during the quarantine. A 14 days isolation in the hotel room could mean a significant delay in the workforce. At this moment, Juntu still highly recommend to our business partners not to take the business trip to China in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

Nucleic Acid Test

If you are determined to take a business trip to China, please be very carefully with the nucleic acid tests and frequently check the updates with local Chinese embassy about the Covid-19 entry policy.

First, before the departure, you can required to take twice nucleic acid tests with a sampling interval of over 24 hours in the approved laboratories and both tests return negative results. For example, if your plane is on 10th, then you need a test on 8th and another on 9th, for both tests results need to be negative as well. Since the listing of approved laboratories would change time to time, Juntu highly suggest you to consult the embassy for final confirm. Please be reminded, without the valid test results, you are unsatisfied with the Covid-19 entry policy. 

Green Code

Green Code

Green Code strictly follows the Covid-19 entry policy. After your quarantine health record and nucleic acid tests results are all verified before boarding the airplane, you will receive the ‘Green Code’ issued from the officials. Please remember to take care of your green code and present it when boarding, and the green code cannot be shared with others. Without the verified green code, you are not eligible to entry China.

Flights to China

Booking flights to China are still not as easy as before the pandemic, and the direct lines from major international airports to China are mostly unavailable at this point (including cities like London,Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto and etc.). On top of the direct lines are not open yet, the booking costs are way more expensive than before. (from expedia.com)


Since the pandemic shows no sign of ceasing, and the monkey pox seemed to be another spreading disease, China customs are unlikely to ease the boarder control or loose the Covid-19 entry policy at this point. If there is any news or information update, Juntu will announce changes shortly and inform our clients as soon as we can.

At this point, we still recommend our clients not to take the business trip to China with that high expense of both money and time. Juntu is able to provide your assisting services like on-site inspection, suppliers background check, production follow-up and more. If you are looking for a trusty and experienced trade agent, please feel free to contact with Juntu at any time. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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