Importing from Chinese wholesale suppliers to save big on your business by choosing the best way of shipping

Importing wholesale from China is a great strategy to save cost for your business, and it also gives you the chance to customize the products as you wished. However, you need to take the freight into consider. For example, the steel bars for construction itself might be cheap to purchase, but the freight cost will be much more expensive which led to an over estimated total cost.

Followings are some tips from JunTu to save big on the international logistics,which will tell us the best way of shipping

By Ocean, budgeted but slow

Best way of shipping By Ocean

There are four major types of international transportation, and ocean freight has always been favored by the wholesale importers because they are much cheaper even the delivery period can be extended to a few months. If your sourcing products have a long or unlimited expiration date such as sports supply, we highly recommend you to schedule your order ahead of time and ship your order by sea to minimize the expense.

By Train, budgeted but limited destinations

Exporting goods from China by rail

Another popular budgeted freight option is by ground or train. If you are an European import and export trade company, we strongly suggest you the Sino-Europe cargo trains which passing through “Moscow in Russia, Minsk in Belarus, Malaszewicze and Warsaw in Poland, and Hamburg in Germany.” This new route saves nearly 1/3 of the time compared to the ocean freight.

By Air, Costy but fast

Export goods from China by Air

If you are looking for a fast shipping, the best transportation is definitely by air or plane. From China to most of the countries in Europe and North America, it only takes 10 to 15 days from the factory to the port. If the custom declaration and clearance runs smoothly, you can even get your order in a week.

By Express expensive but to-door

Export goods from China by express

For importers who would like to receive your order by door and have enough budget, you can choose delivery by express companies. All your products will be shipped directly to your door, and you do not need to worry about the custom problems since the express company will do most of the work for you.


Global Shipping

Importing finished and light-weight products or the daily goods such as clothing, accessories, sports supply, beauty supply and etc. are all good choices for express or air shipping since the total cost including the product cost and freight cost is going to be outstandingly cheaper than the local price. But if you are looking for importing some heavy items like the home furniture which are not limited by the expiration date, by ocean or train will absolutely be the right choice. And all you need to do is to order in prior.

Regardless of what type of products you are looking for import, it is very essential for you to take the shipping into consideration, for the shipping cost sometimes would even cost more expensive than the products themselves such as a on-wall mirror decoration. In order to prevent over-budget, we highly recommend you to contact with us or your agents about your estimation shipping fee before import. In order to obtain a more accurate quote on your shipping, please provide the following product information as reference.

  1. Specific product name
  2. Weight and volume of the product
  3. Governmental export permission needed or not
  4. Preferred received date

There is not always a perfect solution, but we will work out the shipping method that fits you the most, for it can be most cost-effective or most efficient.

If your business falls into any of the fields we mentioned, please feel free to contact with us for sourcing and book shipping. As a professional sourcing agent, JunTu will assist you step by step from searching the original suppliers to product quality check and eventually get the order to your door. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

Yiwu JunTu – professional sourcing agent located in Zhejiang.

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