Finding a Chinese wholesale supplier online has become comparatively easy for most business owners, but searing a reliable and experienced manufacture is still a challenge. Here are 3 tips for you for picking the right suppliers from the crowd.

1.Start from


Established since the early 2000s, Alibaba has become the noneligible power of a global B2B online platform. Either you are looking for the finished consumer products or commodities and raw materials for production, you would probably find everything available from the website especially in the recent years when Alibaba invited thousands of manufactures and suppliers from various industry fields to satisfy the customers.

Even though searching the manufactures and suppliers from Alibaba would be a great start, here are a few reminders we would like to share with you to avoid some possible problems.

  • Cheaper price doesn’t always mean better deals.

Some merchants and suppliers would like to mark an extreme low price on the page to attract the customers; however, if you open the product page for details, you would find out to get such cheap price you would have to order an impossible amount of the products. For example, some merchants would mark their price as 0.01 USD per unit, but the only way you can actually enjoy this price would be order at least 100,000 units, which is impossible for over 99% of the customers.

  • Top ranking products aren’t always the best options

Just the opposite, the top seat and the first five products were actually all ads products, which means these products were paid to be seen on the top. You would be able to notice there is an “ad” tag shown on the corner of the product page from the searching list. If you were using your laptop or PC to browse, the products listing on the sides are also the paid ads for promoting.

We highly recommend you to take a look of the products ranking right below the ads products, for they are the top natural ranking products normally with good reviews and more real transactions.

  • Other factors for evaluation

When evaluating the suppliers, you can take a look of the following elements to grade these merchants.

——Business Type ***

(Manufactures, manufacture & trade company, trade company; trade companies are often the least desirable option because they are not the original factories)


Above 4.0 is always the better, and for some competitive industries like fashion, rating over 4.5 should be your priority choice.

——Company Profile

Remember to take a look at the transactions, main product, response time, certificates and more for better understanding of the company.

——Verified or Golden Suppliers (Alibaba official verification)

——Company Established Year

These are just a few hints we summarize from our previous experiences, and if you would like to learn more about how to identify the right suppliers, or you need help to source the factories, don’t forget to contact with Juntu for assist.

2.Global Exhibit Especially the Chinese Exhibits

Chinese Wholesale Suppliers

If possible, we highly recommend our clients fly to China and attend the exhibits in person so that you get the chance to find the suppliers and talk to them face to face. One of the biggest exhibits would definitely be the China Import and Export Fair also known as Canton Fair, the trade hosts in Guangzhou. The fair is hosting twice a year in spring and autumn, but the exact dates will differ every year. Thousands of booths would set up with the products presented, and you would be able to visit manufactures from almost all industries in China.

Except the Canton Fair, you can also attend the exhibits in Shanghai, Yiwu, Ningbo and more cities. Some trade shows are centered on one specific industry or topic like the home furniture, household electric appliances, and etc. If you are want to find suppliers from certain industry and would like to know which exhibit or trade show to attend, you can always contact with Juntu to consult, and we are more than happy to assist you.

3.Local Wholesale Market like Yiwu International Trade Market

For short and convenient business trip to find reliable suppliers, exhibits or trade shows are definitely preferred. Moreover, if you could schedule a long business trip like a two-week travel, touring the local wholesale market should be the best solution to find your suppliers. In the Yiwu Market, you would be to find thousands of the suppliers from the same industry such as fashion accessories, makeup supplies, pet supplies and etc. Among all the suppliers, you would be able to observe the products with your own eyes, and you can pick a few suppliers to compare the products quality and price before your final decision.


Finding a reliable and building a stable partnership with the right suppliers are not easy, but reading this article should give you some inspirations when you find or source the suppliers. If you have any difficulty while sourcing the manufactures or suppliers, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Juntu will be here to help 24/7, and you can reach out to us by email, phone or office visit.

Or if you would like to know more about the exhibits in China, you can also leave us a comment. Your comment will be answered as soon as possible.

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