If you are an importer from Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil or etc. who wishes to obtain a business visa to China, please take a close look through this article for to know how to get prepared before you actually visit the embassy for application and interview.

What type of visa to apply?

 China business visa

Type M issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities, and it could be multiple entries.

What are the documents required?

  • Passport

Be valid for six months beyond the length of your requested visa (for example, if you are requesting a 12 month visa your passport must be valid for 18 months )

  • Photographs

48 mm tall by 33 mm wide exactly with white background

  • Letter of Invitation

You must provide a letter of invitation from your partner Chinese company/organization, and this Chinese company must be a legal registered entity.

Remember to include both of your parties detailed information in the letter such as the name, entity’s name, address, contact information, reason for invitation and etc.

  • Business Cover Letter

You are required to provide a Business Cover Letter from your employed company. The letter must be printed on company letterhead that displays the company address.

The letter must be addressed to: Embassy of China.

The cover letter indicates your position and the work specifications.

  • Proof of Residency

If you are applying the visa from another country not your nationality, please provide legit Proof of residency.

  • ***Online Visa Application Form

Official website https://cova.mfa.gov.cn/qzCoCommonController.do?show&pageId=index&locale=en_US

Please pick the location where you will be applying the visa and fill the online accordingly. Please be noted that your education background, work experiences, personal information, family information and other essential information will all be required to complete on site. Please be prepared with all the supporting documents to save your time.

  • Previous Visas

If you have been granted a China visa in the past, please bring the old visa with you.

If the visa is not located in your current passport, you must submit the original passport containing the previous China visa.If you no longer have the passport with the previous visa, you must provide a signed statement outlining that you no longer have that passport and what happened to it. (This would be stated in the online form as well)

  • Urgent Applications

You could request urgent application when you file the online application, but the urgent application fee will be collected.

  • Multiple Entry Visa Applicants

If you would like to apply for multiple entries, please state all details in the online application.

  • Original Documents

Please bring all the original documents when you come to interview at the embassy in case of the officers require examinations.

Asking for assistance?

  • Local embassy will be able to answer all the general questions.
  • International travel agency/business organization which helps you to apply visa.

Be alter of potential scam when you pay anyone to help you applying visa.

Anything else?

Chinese government has been more and more strict about the documentations examination, so please never upload any fake or fraud information to prevent visa application deny.

Our best wishes for you to apply business visa to China, and Yiwu juntu trade are always glad to write an invitation letter to our verified business partners. Please contact with us if you are interested with import from China, and you can send messages through Whatsapp, WeChat, email or give us a call.

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