On the second half of the 2022, there are more trade fairs coming including one of the biggest trade fairs – Autumn Canton Fair (Guangzhou). Except the Canton Fair which holds twice annually, there are some new trade exhibitions expected to be seen in other provinces in China.

2022 Hunan(Changsha)Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair

Date: 2022 July-22 to July-24

Theme: Cross-Border E-commerce

Industries: General consumer goods like luggage/clothing/electrics products/household/etc.

Exhibitors: Manufactures/trade companies/e-commerce platforms/etc.

Address: Hunan International Convention&Exhibition Center

Web: https://www.hcetfcs.com/

Hunan (Changsha) cross-border trade fair is a newly planned trade show, and the first exhibition will grand open on the late July of 2022 which aimed to expand the export businesses of the local manufactures. Despite the influence of pandemic situation, the trade show is to be seen as an opportunity for more original suppliers from inland China, and the attending buyers number is also expected to grow in the future years.

If you are international buyers who are looking for new suppliers and products, Hunan trade fair would be a great chance for you to explore. However, the biggest problem right now might be strict travel regulation of China customs due to the Covid-19, so you could check out the official website and follow for more news online. In case you are interested with the new trade show, you can plan to attend next year in prior.

Trade Fair

2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair (Fair KWA)

Date: 2022 Sep-28 to 30

Theme: International E-commerce

Industries: All classic consumer products and popular equipment


5,000 exhibitors including suppliers, trade companies, e-commerce platforms and etc.


130,000+ visitors attending the 2022 spring cross-border e-commerce trade fair


Canton Fair Complex – No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou 510335, China

China cross-border e-commerce trade fair is held around a month before the biggest trade show – China Import and Export Fair. And the significant difference between the two fairs is that the e-commerce platforms and companies are also a very important part of the e-commerce trade fair show. If you would like to improve on your online business reaching out to more buyers, the trade fair would give a great chance to get to know more companies and platforms that are associated with the business and who could provide services which you need. For example, you might look for the “cloud warehouse” (a shared warehouse in China opened to numbers of businesses) which could provide drop-shipping service (warehouse/manufacture shipping order directly to customers)for your online business, and there are a lot of exhibitors there in the trade fair available. The cross-border e-commerce trade fair would continue for three days, so plan your trip in advance to not miss your chance.

2022 China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair Trade)

Date: 2022 Oct-15 to Nov-4

Theme: National Suppliers and Worldwide Buyers

Industries: All commodities and consumer products included


30,000+ original suppliers from China advantaged industries


200,000 visitors worldwide at each session


Canton Fair Complex – No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou 510335, China

Web: https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en-US

Canton Fair Trade or China Import and Export Fair is the biggest trade fair in China and a indispensable part of the international trade. The trade show is going to be held twice a year with one around April and another one on October. The trade fair covers almost all fundamental modern manufactures industries and attracting hundreds of thousands buyers around world to source satisfying suppliers and products. The Canton fair trade will last more than half of the month with 3 phases. You can check out the following listed products for each phase and choose to attend the phase accordingly. In general, for the intermediate goods, please pay close attention to the first phase especially if you would like to source the raw materials and equipment. Unlike the trade fair on the end of September, the Canton Fair Trade is opened for all traditional and e-commerce suppliers and buyers.

Phase 1 – Industrial Products

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances

Lighting Equipment

Vehicles & Spare Parts

Machinery, Hardware & Tools

Energy + Resources

Chemical Products

Building Materials


Phase 2&3 – Consumer Products


Home Decorations

Office Supplies

Cases & Bags

Recreation Products

Medical Devices and Health Products



Textiles & Garments


If you have any question regarding to the sourcing, please feel free to contact with Juntu through phone, email or visiting our office. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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