Fashion Jewelries are definitely one of the most popular product categories for export in China. For China has the most complete and competitive fashion jewelries industrial regions in the world like Yiwu and Guangzhou. From the best materials, fine manufactures, to customized package and worldwide logistics, these are all unparalleled advantages for business owners who seek fashion jewelries resources. Then, how can you source and import fashion jewelries from China?

If you are running a fashion jewelry business and buying from wholesalers or suppliers, its very essential to identify and procure from the ODM suppliers (Original Design Manufacturers). [You can refer to the previous blog to learn about ODM and OEM]. When you import the fashion jewelries from China, please make sure to investigate their company profile. If they clearly list out the specific address for the factory plant, show photos and videos of the assembling lines, and display the company logo and name; the supplier is more likely to be a reliable manufacture not just a trade company. An ODM supplier should be able to provide you with their own designed products and the best price offered.

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But never solely rely on just one single supplier, yet always looking for different ODM suppliers. Comparing the prices and qualities of products from different suppliers, it’s more important to get the most popular and trendy designs that would satisfy your demands and the market.

Find an OEM supplier to produce your own designs

For independent brand or workshop owners, finding an OEM supplier (Original equipment manufacturer) who can compile your art designs and requests into real pieces is much more challenging than simply import fashion jewelries from the suppliers.

First, every OEM supplier will ask for sample production fee for each design, and you may find some of the samples unsatisfying and have to pay extra fees for a replaced supplier. Therefore, it’s more desirable to build a long-term partnership with a good OEM supplier and not changing often, which is totally different from sourcing the ODM suppliers.

Second, it’s very necessary to do a comprehensive background check of the manufacture or even an on-site inspection before any formal cooperation. For you need to hand over your designs, and they would be building the designs with materials they purchased. Some disgraceful manufactures would duplicate the designs from their customers without any approval, or they would substitute the bad materials for more profits.

Find a partner agent to help importing from China

Either you are looking for an ODM or OEM supplier, as your agent, we are professionalized on selecting the best qualified suppliers for our customers and act as the spokesperson for you. Yiwu Juntu will organize your demands and requests, select all possible premium suppliers, match the right partners, and monitor the whole business procedure for you.

 partner agent

On the other hand, Juntu head-office is located in Yiwu where one of the most popular fashion jewelries industry regions in China. We have the world biggest wholesale market – Yiwu International Trade Market, with thousands of hundred jewelries suppliers gathered. Fashion jewelries prices range from a few cents to hundreds of US dollars, and different materials include silver, gold, copper, and alloy can all be found here. No matter what your request is, please feel free to contact with us for consultant by email, call or message. We are more than happy to help.

Freight choices

Freight choices

1.Express/air shipping for small orders

To receive the jewelries, express or by air is definitely the fastest freight method, and comparing to the other heavy or big size products. The express shipping for fashion jewelries is comparably cheaper, and you should be able to receive your package around one week (worldwide).

2.Sea shipping for big orders (with insurance)

However, if you would like to make big orders and save the shipping costs, freight by sea would be preferable. But, don’t forget to get your insurance to reduce your risks of possible loss.

Yiwu Juntu has been longing to be your reliable and long-term agent partner, and we would like to part of your fashion jewelry business success.

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