Import bathroom accessories for sales from China is very profitable especially during the high inflation period of time. However, sourcing the right bath accessories products and suppliers are still challenging and might be a little bit confusing, so here are 3 tips to help for procurement.

Knowing the style of bathroom accessories you need

If you are buying the uniform bathroom accessories for one project such as a 100-rooms convenient hotel, then you would probably only take a look at the simple and basic designs of the bathroom supplies rather than the creative and colorful ones. They need to be matched with the overall environment of the facility.

Yet, if you are running a stylish bath store, you would probably be more interested with the latest and unique designed bathroom accessories that are available from the suppliers and may be little bit less sensitive about the cost. For different styles of the bathroom accessories are produced by different factories, picking the right factories or suppliers that fit your style would save you a lot of cost.

Bathroom Accessories

Listing the bathroom accessories products you buy

If you are the local retail store, a bath boutique store, or a start-up amazon seller, the best way to list the bathroom accessories is starting from listing out the general product categories, then continuing to name specific products, and finally leave 3 or 4 options for each product. For example, you might need to source the shower curtains, and you would like to buy the solid color ones, cartoon painted ones, and the plastic ones. Try to be as detailed as possible, so when you are actually doing the procurement, you would not over or under buy. But if there is hot sales or suggested items from the merchants, you can always take that into consideration.

If you run a wholesale business and import a huge amount of products every time, besides writing down the products based on their categories, the volume of products is another important factor to be considered. You can start off with the big items to the small accessories. For instance, if you are purchasing the products with big unit volume like bathtubs, sink tanks, wall mirrors and etc., you need to be careful with the space they taken in the container and save some space for the rest of small products such as the shower mats. In case there is extra space and weight left, you can definitely fill out the container with extra small products to not waste the shipping.

Price does mean the quality

Import bathroom accessories means you would like to source the products from the original suppliers and factories. If you could reach to the suppliers directly, then please keep this idea in your mind: Price does mean the quality. As the e-commerce becomes more and more popular on the internet, the prices of the products are now very transparent. Except the brand bathroom accessories which are always over-priced, the other suppliers are very competitive with the labeled price. If you are looking for the same standard or quality of the products, be alerted to the the suppliers who offers much lower price, for they might sell you the products with lower quality or charge you extra fees after you placed the order. Don’t forget, there is no free lunch in the world.


Bathroom accessories are just part of the bath products, but the 3 tips that we share in this blog can be used and applies when you are sourcing or buying any type of the bath products. Know what kind of bathroom accessories you want, list them out and not always look for the lowest price but get the quality that matching with your budget is the right approach. If you are interested with import bath products from China, and you need someone to help you with the sourcing, please feel free to contact with Juntu at any time. We are your professional sourcing agent who can source the bathroom accessories products that fit you the most, and an one-site supplier inspection is the premium service that we can always provide for our clients.

If you have any question regarding to the sourcing, please feel free to contact with Juntu through phone, email or visiting our office. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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