Either you are looking for custom down jacket or wholesale down jackets, here are the most important 3 tips for you to source the best down jackets.

What is down jackets?

Most customers cannot tell the differences between padded jackets, puffer jackets and down jackets. So we will start with what exactly is down jacket.

Down jackets use natural material like goose or duck fluff as insulation because it’s great at locking the warmth. Because the down jackets use the animal’s natural fluff, the down jackets normally is the most expensive winter outfit among the three jackets. There are a lot of world famous brands which are specialized on the down jackets like Canada Goose, Moncler (Italy), North Face (US), and Bosideng (China).

If you are looking for the wholesale ready-to-sale down jackets, you will be able to find the best suppliers from China. In 2020 and 2021, China exported more than 730 billion and 778 billion pieces of down jackets, and the number were expected to grow in the future years. The down garment manufactures are mainly located in Hebeing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the local governments will host Down Jacket Fashion Week annually to attract millions of retailers, wholesalers and visitors around the world.

How to pick good down jackets?

China has been enforced strict and uniform regulations on the manufacture of down jackets industry for more than a decade, and the latest regulation which drafted on 2021 will be officially effective on April 1st 2022. Compared to the old version, the new version has set higher standards of the quality and added more assessment elements to ensure the quality of produced down jackets.

1.The new version requires detailed and clear statements of down species; percentage of down; net weight of down; fill power.

2.Percentage of down: the minimum requirement is 50% of down, but good and premium down jackets require 90% of down.

3.Net weight of down: with other conditions being equal, the heavier the net weight is, the better it is for down jackets.

4.Down species: Goose fluff is better than duck fluff with better heat-trapping function and more expensive

5.Fill power: fill power or known as the fluffiness is connected with the percentage of down. Under the new regulation, higher percentage requires better fill power. Normally, the fill power ranges from 12.5 to 17.5 (unit in cm) or 500 to 800 (unit in ounce), and the higher number comes with better fluffiness and better ability to trap the air for warmth.

Please take a close look of the major four elements above to decide what quality of the down jackets you are looking for and estimate the budget cost accordingly. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Expensive doesn’t always mean great quality, but cheap price will never buy you a good down jacket.

Customization of logo or design

Custom brand label on the down jackets will only cost a little especially with the basic requirements for example the brand logo and size information.

Customization of logo or design

However, if you are looking for customized logo printing and design for the down jackets, it will be much more expensive than the other garments due to the high expenses of good materials. In case you just start your down jacket business, it is highly recommended to purchase the blank down jackets or the basic design down jackets first and then adopted the changes later.


If you are looking for a professional and trusty down jacket supplier, please feel free to contact with Juntu to source. We will be able to help you to assess the supplier, tour the factory, check the sample, get the certificate, follow up the orders and more. We will be available 24/7 and open up for both either video an phone call. Juntu wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your down jacket business.

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