Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • Optimize Your Cooler’s Efficiency: The OEM Xel50 Hessaire replacement pads are specifically designed for MC18M, MC17, and MFC1600 models. This cooling pad eliminates compatibility concerns and ensures peak performance for your cooler.
  • Experience Consistent Cooling: With durable corrugated construction, this evaporative cooler pad effectively maintains water flow, solving matters with inconsistency. Enjoy steady and effective cooling with these sturdy evaporative cooler parts.
  • Facilitate Effortless Installation: Bid farewell to complex installations. Our evaporative cooling pad comes factory-fitted for convenience, making the setup process a breeze. Its sturdy design minimizes pump wear and tear for a longer mobile cooler lifespan.
  • Enjoy Odorless and Fresh Cooling: Experience the freshness of these odorless evaporative cooler pads. Their design ensures a comfortable atmosphere, making these swamp cooler replacement pads your go-to for a superior, long-lasting cooling solution.
  • Cool Air Anywhere: As a trusted name in air-movement and cooling solutions since 1996, Hessaire focuses on innovation and energy efficiency and delivers reliable, low-noise evaporative air coolers that offer functionality without compromising quality.


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