Jumbo Roll Raw Material of Paper Napkin

Package Size
100.00cm * 115.00cm * 100.00cm
Package Gross Weight


Natural material                                                                                                              
All tissues are made from 100% virgin  pulp.
Advanced machine:
Advanced auto paper making lines such as KAVANOE BF-10 and Valmet make sure high quality and stability products.
High level arts and crafts:
Almost 50 years paper making experience and 15 years carrier tissue paper making experience.
High applicability run on the machine:
Suitable wet and dry strength makes your machine more efficient.
Particular packing protection:
All bundles to have cardboard headers on top and bottom. At least 3 layers of film package makes sure full protection of the paper.

 The Jumbo Roll Machine

PM1 Kavanoe PM2 Vamet PM3 Vamet
Paper type Carrier Towel,Carrier Carrier,Napkin,
Basis weight 13-20gsm 15-40gsm 14-42gsm
Slitting width 2280-2300mm 2000-2030mm 3200-3260mm
Min. Slit width 100mm 90mm 85mm
Ply 1-3 1-3 1-3
Core diameter 3″ 3″ 3″

Porous carrier tissue paper

Basis weight Normal width Roll diameter Core diameter
13.5gsm 170-175mm 750-780mm 76mm
16.5gsm 170-175mm
18gsm 170-175mm
We also design the paper according to the customer’s machines requirements.
We can cut different size according to the customer requirements
Provide sample rolls for the machine trial use.

Jumbo Roll Raw Material of Paper Napkin


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