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Pure cotton sanding four-piece set thickened small fresh washed cotton bed sheet quilt cover

Product Type: Pure cotton sanding four-piece set
Fabric Density: 133×72
Fabric count: 40
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: brushed, quilted
Pattern: Plants and Flowers
Style: bed sheet
Applicable bed size: 1.0-2.0 meters
Style: modern minimalist
Flower type: Little Bear Jimmy-Mi, Colorful Flowers, Little Menghu, Double Love Flower Yellow, Sweet Fruit-Green, Light Luxury Wind, Sunflower Blossoms, Small Sentiment, Imaginative, Flower Dance Leisurely-Pink, Rainbow Tiger, Heart Dream , Tigers and Tigers, Space Walk, Blue Star Time, Flowers and Leaves Deep-Blue, Small Fresh-Yellow, Misty Rain Jiangnan-Pink, Pure Dream, Color Mood, Heart-to-Heart Gray, Little Rabbit, Little Daisies, Poetic Flowering, Flowers, Stripes-Orange, Love Rabbit, Bear Jimmy Gray, Feifei Rabbit, Flowers on the Moor-Grey, Qianjiaobaimei, Urban Feelings-Blue, Sunshine Mercure, Ilya Blue, Star-Gray, Norwegian Star, Seven Points Sweet-Green, Flower Dream Kiss, Antlers-Pink, Rainbow Bridge
Size specifications: 1.2m three-piece set [quilt cover 150*200 bed sheet 160*230 pillowcase 1 piece], 1.5m four-piece set [quilt cover 150*200 bed sheet 200*230 pillowcase 2 pieces], 1.8m four-piece set [180*220 Sheet 230*230 Pillowcase 2pcs], 2.0m Four-piece Set [Quilt Cover 200*230 Sheet 230*230 Pillowcase 2pcs] (cm)
Material: pure cotton


Yiwujuntu is a sourcing agent with more than 10 years export experience.

Buyers come from more than 200 world-renowned companies from Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Eastern Europe, South America and other countries and regions.
Yiwu Juntu carefully selected trusty suppliers from China with high-quality manufacturing plants and are qualified with international certificates.

Product description

Pure cotton sanding four-piece set

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