Recycled Plastic Poly Pellets

Recycled Plastic Poly Pellets (Grey)


Material:   HDPE / PP

Size:   3-4mm.


These are recycled pellets. They are produced from first generation, clean plastic that has been reprocessed and compounded back into pellet.

The colour may vary between batches, but is an off-white/grey colour.



These pellets are lightweight and super strong.  They are long lasting and mold/mildew resistant.

These pellets are used in various household goods, and completely safe for all sorts of uses.

If you are crafting, then they are perfect for filling or adding weight to your item.

Ideal for:

  • Bears,
  • Dolls,
  • Reborn Babies,
  • Toys,
  • Weighted Blankets
  • and door stops etc..

These recycled pellets are slightly more irregular in shape than virgin material.

If you require something a little denser for your small item, then can we suggest you check out our heavy pellets in our shop.

With a melting temperature of over 100 degrees centigrade, these pellets are perfectly fine in a washing machine on a normal cycle. We always recommend line drying, but if you want to tumble dry, please check your machines manual for temperatures carefully.


To give you an idea of volume, 1kg will fill approximately:

  • 1700ml in a measuring jug
  • 3pints


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