Kitchenware and tableware are definitely two of the most popular but complicated product categories for import, there are always tons of options and thousands of brands, but how to choose and source what actually fits your demand?

Tip 1: Name the general category

Even though you might not have the complete product list on your mind, you can easily name the main or general product category to initiate your procurement. Pick the category from below, or name the category which has not been listed.

Prep Tools & Essentials

Knives in different sizes, Cutting Board in plastic/bamboo/wood, Can Opener, Measuring Cups or Spoons, Mixing Bowls in different sizes, Colander, Garlic Press, and etc.


Serveware (serving bowls, platter, tea pot and etc.), Dinnerware (Plates, bowls and etc.), Silverware (spoons, forks, knives and etc.), Drinkware or glassware.

Cookware & Bakeware

Skillet in stainless steel/aluminium/copper/cast iron, Pan and saucepan in different sizes, Pot in different sizes, Baking Sheet Pan, Broiler Pan, Muffin Pan and etc.

Cooking Tools & Kitchen Utensils

Spatula and spoon in different sizes and materials, Tongs in different prices, Ladles in metal or silicon, Oven mitts, Thermometer and etc.

Other Kitchen Essentials

Containers in glass/plastic, Aluminum foil, Parchment paper, Towels, Sponges, Dish Rack in different sizes and prices, Ice cube tray, and etc.

For these categories should include over ninety-nine percents of the common kitchenware on the market, and all these products are available in the Yiwu Trade Market for a on-site real-time tour. In case you are looking for an on-site manufacturer factory tour outside of Zhejiang province, please make an appointment in advance.

Tip 2: List out specifications

After naming out the general category of the kitchenware or tableware products, it is time to get into the detailed specifications to make sure you get the exact goods you are thinking of.


Occasions or purposes

Tableware and kitchenware product sourcing for commercial and household uses are complete different from one another. For most restaurants or hotels, the commercial uses tend to be more uniform and simply. However, if you are the local retail store businesses, there are a lot more designs availability to attract your potential customers.

Materials preferred

Materials selection is a big factor especially for the tableware, and the most common ones for the dinnerware or serveware are definitely the ceramic, but disposable dishes made with plastic or paper are also very popular as for to-go packages.

Materials of the kitchenware or tableware is one of the key factor determining the product price.

Quality requests

Another key factor that determined the price is the quality of the products. For example, the blenders for kitchenware cost ranging from less than one hundred dollars to a few hundred bucks. Without any doubt, the function and life-time for these blenders differ a lot.

As your sourcing agent, Juntu can offer you three-tiered pricing from budgeted to standard and premium. Look through the list and pick the one that fits your demand


For EU export, CE and RoHS are the most common certificates have been asked for. CO or Certificate of Origin is another general certificate. Please let your agent know what certificates you need ahead of time for preparation.

Purchase amount

Suppliers will offer different tiers of prices based on the amount of purchase, so it very essential if you can disclose your estimated purchase amount for accurate product quote. If your give the supplier an amount that is far away from your real purchase amount, you might get surprised by the final quote later.

Budget Listed

Considering all the factors above including the occasion, material, quality and amount, then you should get a pretty clear idea about how much budget you would like to spend on each product and overall order. You don’t have to give an exact amount of number for budget, for it can simply be a price range, and it will help greatly for both you and your agent.

Tip 3: Sea freight always recommended

Sea freight

Unlike garment or textile products, tableware and kitchenware are much more heavier, for the freight cost definitely cost much more than the general goods. To cut down or lower the freight cost, the best way is to choose shipping by sea. However, there are still some general risks like “Defective Allowance” which means there are expected products damaged during the shipping, but the suppliers should come up with an agreed allowance ratio with the pursuant in prior. Since the sea freight normally takes longer time and the products are more likely to be damaged during the transportation, the defective allowance ratio could be a little bit higher than the other freight transportation. Which means, using the sea freight might end with a few more damaged products compared by air. But, the saving from choosing the sea freight is more valuable than the few defective products guaranteed.

If you have any question regarding to the sourcing, please feel free to contact with Juntu through phone, email or visiting our office. We wish to be a trusty and long-term partner to help building your business.

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